ACCESS FASHION entered the magical world of fashion in 2000 with the aim of offering woman the most powerful combination of fashion and quality and with a vision to conquer Greece and the world markets. Headquartered in its privately-owned buildings in Thermi Thessaloniki and its strong advantage of an experienced and creative team, manages to stand out in the world of fashion. Its creative department undertakes the design and production of a wide range of products with a dream to meet the needs of every woman who wants to feel unique. Its presence in more than 120 locations in Greece and its expansion into the largest cities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North Central and South America, consolidate it in the hearts of modern women all over the world.


Access Τsimiski

The Greek women’s clothing company ACCESS welcomes its demanding audience in its new store at 61 Tsimiski Street, the most commercial street in downtown Thessaloniki. The basic functions of the store and the use itself played a key role in the design, the final remodeling of the space and the materials used creating a remarkable […]