APIVITA, the first Greek company producing natural cosmetic products since 1979, funded a strategic investmen in the centre of Athens by developing an innovative commercial concept in Solonos Str., which was inspired by the natural community of bees and their beehives. The project corresponds to a multi-purpose venue of 500 sq.m., developed in 5 distinct storeys, promoting in the best possible manner APIVITA’s philosophy and its goal to provide end-customers with a unique destination in Athens. The listed building hosting APIVITA’s flagship, comprises of two storeys in which the company’s products are displayed, a hair salon, spa facilities and a conference room.




In November of 2013 APIVITA commenced the operation of a unique project in Kolonaki. The company’s new multi-purpose venue communicates the identity and  core values of the Greek corporation via its astonishing design and layout, delivering a unique experience to every customer wishing to explore and enjoy all available products and services.