Dynamic, innovative and constantly growing, the Attrattivo Group treads steadily on the path of success. With an alternative outlook unchanged since its establishment, yet supported by exceptional financial results, Attrattivo leads the Greek market in young women’s apparel and carves a prominent place in the international fashion industry.


Attrattivo in Argos

In March 2020, the construction of the new store of the Greek AXF clothing group in Argos was completed. It is an Attrattivo store that aims to offer the “casual chic” style to the young female audience. The new Attrattivo store is housed on 24, King George B’ Str., in a single ground floor area […]

Attrattivo Nicosia Mall

Attrattivo strengthens its network in Cyprus by establishing one more store in Nicosia Mall. The alternative choice to women’s apparel that company’s products promote, is shown through alternative materials used of construction. Blank bricks, rustic tapestries and vintage coatings are some of the materials which combined with the special lighting feature present a youthful and […]

Attrattivo Nea Ionia

In June 2018, the construction of the new women’s fashion store Attrattivo at 328 Heraklion Avenue in Nea Ionia was completed.