The FAIS group of companies has developed a wide portfolio of brands in an extensive trading network, with a strong presence in the wholesale and retail market, in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. Indicatively, the portfolio of FAIS GROUP includes brands such as Kalogirou, Haralas, Puma, Under Armour, DKNY, while it is a master franchisee for the Spanish company Mango and Adidas.



The construction of the fourth Adidas store of GENCOM -a subsidiary of Faisgroup- was completed in November of 2014, following its established stores in shopping malls (Golden Hall and Mediterranean Cosmos) and Glyfada. The new Adidas store of Hellinikon occupies two levels covering a total surface of 1.100 sq.m, having substantially remodelled the premises’ cold […]

Mango Glyfada

In March of 2015 a new MANGO megastore commenced its operation on 16, Angelou Metaxa Str. in Glyfada. The new department store hosts the entire women’s fashion collection of the Spanish multinational retailer, occupying 890 sq.m. within five distinct levels. The newly established megastore concept of MANGO, launched in 2013, has been already applied in […]

Kalogirou – Haralas

As part of the expansion of the network of footwear stores and accessories Kalogirou – Haralas, FAIS Group is inaugurating a new store in the Fashion City Outlet Shopping Center. The new store fully reflects the Kalogirou – Haralas brand philosophy by contributing to a complete shopping experience in a highly aesthetic environment. For more […]

Under Armour Nicosia Mall

The innovation is in the heart of Under Armor and is something that the famous brand follows faithfully. This feature was also closely followed in the construction of the new store at Nicosia Mall. Modern materials and earthy colors activate all the senses bringing the first store of modern sports near the Cypriot market.

Haralas Nicosia Mall

Haralas store at Nicosia Mall presents the new concept of the renowned brand and is marking the beginning of a new era for the historic company. With refined aesthetics, the space is dominated by the tones of grey and black, while metallic flashes of rose gold add a luxurious note. In absolute harmony with the […]

Puma Nicosia Mall

The first store in Cyprus for Puma brand is now a fact at the Nicosia Mall. The construction line of the store with the distinctive, clear and imposing “total black” style promotes a athletic lifestyle, keeping an eye on the international sporting standards.

Under Armour Med. Cosmos

On November 14, 2019, the new Under Armour store opened at the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center. This is the new standalone store of the Fais Group which since 2016 is the exclusive representative of the brand for Greece. The store is hosted on the ground floor of the shopping center. It is a shop of […]

Under Armour Patra

On December 13, 2019, Under Armour welcomes the consumer public of Patras. Under Armour’s first store in the Achaian capital chooses to be housed in a listed building on the foot of Agios Nikolaos. The store is spread over three levels of total area of ​​450 sq.m. A ground floor space of 190 sq.m. and […]

DKNY Golden Hall

On June 28, Kalogirou member of FAIS GROUP presents its new exclusive DKNY store at the Golden Hall shopping center. It is worth mentioning that the new exclusive DKNY store is the result of the FAIS Group’s effort to capitalize on its leading presence in the luxury industry and especially in the clothing and footwear […]

KIKO Milano

The first store in Greece has been operating since the beginning of September, on the 2nd floor of The Mall of Athens in Maroussi. KIKO Milano, the number one cosmetics brand in Italy, develops mainly with its own network of stores that is constantly expanding. At the end of 2019, there were about 900 KIKO […]