Funky Buddha brand was founded in 2003 through the passion and intuition of Alexiou family from Europe – Greece. The Funky Buddha brand has created a special design for its stores with many anthropological features and a concept that impresses the consumer and aims to create an unparalleled shopping experience for its audience. The development of Funky Buddha’s branch network is designed to make every store in the chain the ultimate fashion spot in its area.


Funky Buddha

From March to July 2016, 4 stores of the well-known Funky Buddha clothing company were delivered. In Ermou, Glyfada, McarthurGlen Discount Village in Spata and Chios. The scope of work, average duration 30 days, was the re-arrangement of the internal operation of each store, implementing a series of architectural and electromechanical interventions, accompanied by new […]

Funky Buddha

From April to August 2016 we delivered 4 new clothing Funky Buddha stores in Glyfada, Ermou, Chios and Shopping center MacArthurGlen.

Funky Buddha Baneasa Mall

In November 2016, at the busiest shopping center in Bucharest, Funky Buddha creates its first store in Romania. On the 1st floor of Baneasa Mall is the new point of sale and it is the first important step of the company in the Balkan countries.

Funky Buddha Kalamata

In November 2017, Funky Buddha, in the frame of the development of its branch network throughout Greece, presented its new store to the buying audience of Kalamata. The brand new store in Kalamata is located at the most commercial point of the city, at 12, Aristomenous Street. In a impressive two-storey building, the Funky Buddha […]

Funky Buddha The Mall Athens

In April 2017, Funky Buddha creates a new store at The Mall Athens and gains a dynamic presence in the busy shopping mall. Insisting on the distinctive interior design, the store reflects the brand culture in a brighter version, with the white element dominating with eco details and colorful touches. Funky Buddha’s new selling point […]