With over 800 salespoints in Europe, KIKO perfectly embodies the spirit, passion and ability required to transform projects into reality. The innovative KIKO concept is reflected within each and every store, where over 1,000 products allow our customers to play with infinite shades, experiment with make-up and freely re-invent their look. What’s more, it is possible to discover and test the benefits of the different treatment lines in all of our stores, thereby enabling our customers to make conscious choices, opting for the products that best suit their individual needs. Entering a KIKO store means indulging in a little ‘beauty shopping’ whilst living an authentic sensory experience combining wellbeing, satisfaction and fun.


KIKO Milano

The first store in Greece has been operating since the beginning of September, on the 2nd floor of The Mall of Athens in Maroussi. KIKO Milano, the number one cosmetics brand in Italy, develops mainly with its own network of stores that is constantly expanding. At the end of 2019, there were about 900 KIKO […]