The five-storey department store of Ermou Street was the first privately owned selling point of the Spanish multinational company in Greece within a listed building, being in operation since 2011. In October of 2014 two additional major Mango stores were completed within Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall and South Sofia Ring Mall (Bulgaria), each occupying a total surface of 1.000 sq.m. All three projects were based on the architectural concept design developed by Mango’s retail design department in Spain. The coordination and adaptation of architectural and electromechanical studies in Greece were undertaken by A&M Architects. In March and April of 2015 two additional megastores commenced their operation in Glyfada and Thessaloniki (within
One Salonica), occupying a total area of 890 sq.m. and 550 sq.m. respectively, according to the concept design of Nuria Caus Vilaseca, the adaptation of which in Greece were carried out by Adrianopoulos & Associates and Nikos Melas. Our collaboration continues until today, by building stores in Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Cyprus, both corporate and franchisees.


Mango Ermou

This store is the first one constructed by the Spanish Company in Greece. The store locates in a five-floor preserved building and consists of 3 floors of sales area, one floor of storage area and one floor of offices. The design of sales area has been based on the proposal of the design team of […]

Mango Glyfada

In March of 2015 a new MANGO megastore commenced its operation on 16, Angelou Metaxa Str. in Glyfada. The new department store hosts the entire women’s fashion collection of the Spanish multinational retailer, occupying 890 sq.m. within five distinct levels. The newly established megastore concept of MANGO, launched in 2013, has been already applied in […]

Mango Med Cosmos

In October of 2014 a major Mango store was completed within Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall, occupying a total surface of 1.000 sq.m. and housing the complete series of women, men and children fashionwear of the Spanish multinational clothing retailer. The project’s construction was based on the architectural concept design developed by Mango’s retail design department […]

Mango Tsimiski

On June 19, a new Mango store was launched in 23, Tsimiski Street, in the city center. The new Mango follows the same corporate design line as it is adopted by all chain stores around the world. The store is developed on two levels, which accommodate the sales areas and auxiliary spaces, with a total […]