One Salonica Outlet Mall (former City Gate) situated in western Thessaloniki, commenced its operation in April of 2015 by hosting more than 70 retail stores under reputable clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and sports brands, being surrounded by highly sophisticated and fully renovated common spaces. The architectural transformation of City Gate in the first big discount and entertainment shopping mall in Thessaloniki, constitutes an initiative funded by Fais Group, NotosCom, Marinopoulos and Generic Engineering Technologies. CORE Construction initially undertook the completion of the parking’s cold shell, having a total capacity of 1,500 lots, and the two above ground levels housing all retail stores within a total area of 29.850 sq.m., coupled with the delivery of all external façades and surrounding common spaces. The initial construction scope of CORE was later supplemented by the erection of 18 branded stores with a total area of 5.500 sq.m.