Founded in 2004, Pink Woman launched as a Fast Fashion company, getting inspiration from the «Streetstyle» fashion trends worldwide. It is now one of the fastest growing retail companies in Greece and abroad with over 100 stores & outlets.It is a source of inspiration for all Streetystyle Fashionistas offering the latest fashion trends in clothing, shoes and accessories at surpassingly affordable prices! The ‘urban’ aesthetics and service you will find in our stores provide the ideal atmosphere for a unique shopping experience! From September 2016 until today we delivered 20 new clothing and footwears Pink Woman stores in Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Poland.


Pink Woman

From September to October 2016, the construction of 3 new clothing and footwear stores Pink Woman has been completed. Works lasted 25 days.

Pink Woman Studio

In November 2016, the works on the construction of the office space and the photo studio of the well-known Pink Woman clothing company was completed. Work lasted 10 days.