The business activity of Terkenlis family in the bakery and patisserie sector begins with  the opening of the first flagship store by Stavros Terkenlis at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotle Street, which successfully continues business,  up until now. Today after more than 70 years of successful business activity and with a total of 23 stores across Greece & Cyprus Terkenlis family is ready for the next big steps!


Terkenlis Aristotelous

On August 20th, the historic Terkenlis store at the junction of Tsimiski & Aristotelous square celebrates its 70th birthday by opening its gates to the public fully renovated. The flagship of the confectionery chain has been completely renovated following the group’s growth and upgrading plan, with a total of 21 stores across the country. The […]

Terkenlis Nea Raidestos

The new patisserie of the historic brand “Terkenlis” was put into operation in May 2020 and is hosted at the headquarters of the company, in Nea Raidesto, Thessaloniki.

Terkenlis Nicosia

At the end of 2019, the first TERKENLIS confectionery in Cyprus is completed. It is a modern manufacturing and commercial space where it expands to two levels and outdoors. The handmade furniture and lighting in combination with the unique investments of marble and modern materials, give a high aesthetic experience to the visitor. The renovation […]