Residence in Gythion

The study concerns the restoration of an old two-storeys house with a small independent auxiliary building and the surrounding area. This is a two storeys stone-built building of 118 sq.m., and a secondary ground floor building of 20 sq.m. Restoration works were limited to what was absolutely necessary for the operation of the space and focus on the appearance of its character. The rehabilitation proposal includes: a new steel structure inside and the layout of the new levels, rehabilitation of masonry bearing walls, consolidation of existing masonry mortar with mass homogenization grouts, deep cleansing of the joints and then grouting of the exterior and interior facades of the building, construction of new concrete ground slabs, replacement of the existing windows with new wooden ones following the same typology, shape and dimensions; and finally replacing the existing wooden roof with a new roof of the same form and typology as the existing one. All the interventions are separated from the existing architectural morphology and follow the architecture of that period.