ili&ktirio x Core

The magazine ili & ktirio is out now !!! 😃

CORE Construction proudly presents three significant office projects successfully completed in the past year. Three multinational companies, leaders in their respective fields, entrusted us with the construction of their offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, CORE Construction has brought to life office spaces inspired by three renowned architectural firms. In collaboration with ili&ktirio magazine, our projects are showcased as architectural creations aiming to transform them into vibrant, attractive, and flexible work environments. Through the magazine’s pages, we invite readers to explore and understand the value and contribution we bring in creating modern office spaces that fully cater to the needs of today’s workplaces, making them more appealing, flexible, and adaptable to different work scenarios.

Office Space Renovation in Athens
design by: en_route_architecture, Kokkinou – Kourkoulas Architects
construction by: Core Construction Group
photos by: Mariana Bisti

Multinational Company Offices in Thessaloniki
design by: GA Niekisch
construction by: Core Construction Group
photos by: Marios Dadoudis

NN Hellas in Athens
design by: Gkotsis Serafimidou Architecture Practice
construction by: Core Construction Group
photos by: George Messaritakis