Intersport River West

INTERSPORT, one of the world’s largest sports retailers, has decided to upgrade and expand its store network, aiming to provide an even better experience for its customers and meet modern demands by adopting innovative practices. Thus, at the RIVER WEST shopping center in Egaleo, the decision was made to renovate and construct a brand-new INTERSPORT store. CORE Construction, a construction company with extensive experience and expertise in such projects, undertook the implementation of the project. The construction of the store took place from August to September 2022, during which external and internal space configurations were carried out, as well as energy and architectural modifications. INTERSPORT wanted the new store to serve as a model of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Therefore, practices that promote recycling and the use of reclaimed materials were implemented, such as utilizing 100% of the metallic equipment sourced from other INTERSPORT stores. Additionally, eco-friendly paint and materials were used for furniture and fitting rooms. Regarding energy efficiency, investments were made in LED lighting technology, and motion sensors were employed to control lighting. Furthermore, the cooling and heating systems of the store utilize state-of-the-art technology for maximum energy conservation. INTERSPORT RIVER WEST is the first eco-friendly INTERSPORT store in the world, heralding a new model of stores with a focus on sustainability. With this pioneering approach, INTERSPORT continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of the modern era, offering its customers an even more enhanced shopping experience.