Gold award in the category Retail / In-Store New Corner at Interiors Awards 23 for the INTERVISTA+ project.

CORE Construction undertook the construction of an elegant shop in shop with contemporary details that harmoniously connect with the existing spaces of the store. A decade after the initial design in 2011, the idea of renovating the INTERVISTA store was based on the integration of a shop in shop concept. With the aim of accommodating top fashion brands, the architectural team at Minas Kosmidis Architects designed a new space on the first floor that seamlessly blends with the existing store. INTERVISTA+ stands in contrast to the bright colors and ambiance prevailing in the rest of the space. Visible concrete, glass, black surfaces, and reflective elements constitute the material palette, while the yellow accents and murals act as unifying elements. The arrangement of product displays surrounds the perimeter of the space, with the stand taking the form of a rock and the oversized robot being the central focus of the elevation. The yellow line on the floor defines the flow of movement. In contrast, the basement of the store, which houses the women’s section, is designed with softer tones, creating a smooth connection with the adjacent men’s section within the same space. Green marble, pink shades, and chrome elements are the primary materials of this particular proposal. The hanging racks are positioned around the walls, which adopt a curvilinear form, and in combination with the stands designed with organic shapes, they lend a sense of fluidity to the space, thus approaching the essence of femininity.