Listed Building

In January of 2017, the restoration of the neoclassical building “Pιlika House” was completed in the Psyrri area in Athens. The building has been classified as a historic listed monument and work of art. After the recent fire, only the shell of the perimeter walls, the ground floor and parts of the steel construction of the basement remained. The building has a total area of 920 sq.m. which develops on 4 main levels and a mezzanine. Its construction, according to the approved studies of the renovation of new and modern monuments, included the preservation of the 3 neoclassical façades while the rest of the building was demolished and rebuilt. Particularly interesting was the methodology of the new steel bearing structure construction, which had to be re-adapted due to the importance of archaeological finds, and at the same time supporting the existing shell and then in turn demolishing the damaged steel flooring.