Max Mara Thessaloniki

Max Mara reopened its flagship store in Thessaloniki in October 2017, celebrating its 30 years of presence in the co-capital. Max Mara opened its first boutique in the heart of the city in 1987, and the opening of the new store in 2017 followed the brilliant course and evolution of the brand: it extends to a space that covers 4 levels, staying true to the concept of the company that dominates in boutiques in major fashion metropolises worldwide, such as Milan, Paris, Moscow, Munich and Hong Kong. The new flagship store of the famous Italian house in Greece, exude the elegance and Italian refinement of the brand. The entrance of the boutique gives the impression that it communicates with the outside space, thanks to the existence of large, impressive shop windows, while the exterior cladding of the building retains its original elements, which comes in full harmony with the historic part of the city. The materials used (wood, marble, glass and stone) as well as the soft, pale colors, fully reflect the image and the unique style of Max Mara.