RW Transition Zone

Gold award in the category Mall stores at Interiors Awards 23 for the River West Transition Zone project.

Many thanks to all the contributors of this demanding project, especially to the architectural firm Vikelas Architects, responsible for all architectural designs, DNE Architects for the concept design, Matina Magklara for the specialized lighting design, and the project management team of River West shopping center for their outstanding collaboration. The project involves the design of the connecting zone between the existing shopping center “RIVER WEST” and the new expansion area “RIVER WEST OPEN” on the ground floor and the upper level, as well as the reconfiguration of the parking area to create new shops surrounded by pedestrian circulation spaces. The new design of the connecting zone represents an aesthetic and functional upgrade to the transitional area between the enclosed shopping center River West and the new expansion, River West Open. The intervention area encompasses the section defined by the back of the elevator core to the interior of the corridors, which previously led to service areas on the ground floor and to the shared restroom facilities on the upper level. Visitors now pass through the connecting zone to access the new expansion and vice versa. To facilitate this, efforts were made to mark this space from the public entrance to the shopping center, guiding the flow of visitors to and from the expansion. A multi-faceted design approach was employed with contemporary architectural vocabulary, ensuring that the expansion harmoniously blends with the identity and geometry of the River West atrium. The result was a modern, well-designed, and functional space that is enjoyable for both visitors and the shopping center’s staff.