Tike Athens

With a new store at 7b Mitropoleos Street, the Serbian sporting goods group, Sport Vision, is introducing itself to the domestic retail market. The group, which entered our country in 2021, brings to the market a new model of sports store, which has special collections of sportswear and exclusive codes of clothing and shoes and is named “tike!”. The group has three other tike stores ! in Belgrade in Ljubljana, and Bucharest and Athens is the fourth capital in which he operates with this brand. tike! is a premium brand exclusively aimed at the public who loves to wear sneakers and its difference is the fact that it has more premium shoes and limited collections from big brands. The new tike! store offers a holistic experience for the consumer who visits it. Note that the store tike! housed in a listed building of 250 sq.m., on Mitropoleos Street, in Athens.