Project Location:
112, Vas. Sofias Ave., Athens
Construction Period:
November 2018 - March 2019
A&M Architects
Expedia Greece

The works concerned the renovation of the 3rd floor of the building on Vas. Sofias Avenue in the center of Athens in order to host the Expedia Group’s headquarters in Athens. The works included the overall configuration of all the sites, from the electromechanical infrastructure to the incorporation of all decorative constructions and the delivery in complete and orderly operation. The building is located in a densely populated area and partly in operation. One of the challenges of the project was that a part of the building was hosting a large department store that was in full operation while there were other premises under construction. Besides, the building is located in a central area with intense traffic. Thus, proper management and coordination with the person in charge of the building was crucial to the completion of the project. The ultimate challenge was the pluralism of the materials and structures that were included in the architectural design.