Multinational Company Office

Project Location:
43, Tsimiski Str., Thessaloniki
Construction Period:
May - August 2022
GA Niekisch Ltd - 406 architects

The project involves the radical redesign and remodeling of a 280 sqm office space, which will house the headquarters of a multinational client management group. As the firm launches its activity in Greece from Thessaloniki, it wanted to create a space that would represent the dynamic character of the group, while at the same time incorporating the most modern practices of shaping an attractive environment for its employees. Flexible spaces were constructed to ensure privacy but also to enhance collab-oration. In order to maximize the height of the space, the E/M networks of the ceiling were made visible and painted uniformly with the lower part of the ceiling slab. Underneath the E/M networks, which were completely reconstructed, circular sound absorbing panels were suspended in various colors and diameters. At the same level as the sound absorbing panels, the circular roof lighting panels were installed in various diameters. In the same logic of flexibility and color variety, the raised floors were covered with floating tiles of sound-absorbing vinyl carpet in various shades. All the internal partitions between the work and the common areas were made of glass panels that ensure transparency as well as a very high level of sound insulation.