Project Location:
198, Sygrou Ave., Kallithea
Construction Period:
January - August 2018
gkotsis and serafimidou architectural practice
NN Hellas ΑΕ

The design was based on two different needs, firstly on the reorganization of office space and secondly on the creation of a multi-site capable of hosting events that vary in kind and scale.The office space was programmed to co-locate sections, aiming at interaction and collaboration on a daily basis. The ultimate goal was to move the existing “workplace” into a “working environment”, a system that treats work as a dynamic process that takes place in the space environment and gives the user the ability to express themselves through work. The project is signed by Gkotsis-Serafimidou, which was awarded twice at the Commercial Interiors Awards 2019, taking the gold award / Best Interior – Rest Area and silver award / Best Interior – Office.