Project Location:
348, Siggrou Ave., Athens
Construction Period:
July - November 2022
Sanofi Aventis SA

The project concerns the renovation of offices on Syngrou Avenue, with the aim of transforming them into a lively, attractive and flexible work environment. The design attempts to mediate and complement the open feel of the initially typical repetitive workspace by introducing a variety of dividers, office infrastructure, colors and materials. The covid pandemic has led companies to rethink their work environment to attract employees, at least in part, to collectively more productive office spaces. It is now required that new work environments be designed to be more attractive, flexible and adaptable to different work scenarios. In this context, the renovation proposal creates gradations of informal and formal workspaces with different wall colors and varied infrastructure layouts, introducing glass partitions and more flexible translucent dividers. Indoor plants and different types of furniture are generously added in all corners to counteract any sense of monotony. Individual individual offices are interrupted by more collective zones for eating, playing or meeting. These informal zones are separated by motorized curtains that create semi-transparent boundaries. The interior becomes a temporary composition of colors, materials and arrangements intended to be replaced as soon as new needs and spatial conditions require it. The open floor plan ensures the ideal field in which the future desires and needs of the workplace can be projected.