Project Location:
3rd September Str., & Ioulianou Str., Athens
Construction Period:
November 2020 - February 2021
Newcore Industries
Newcore Industries

The new office space in Athens is a hybrid collaboration center, dedicated to the personal collaboration, training, development and participation of employees, who will work both from home and from the office. The new facilities of the group, which is active in the field of call centers, are hosted at the Capitol of Athens on 3rd of September Street and on Ioulianou Street, near Victoria Square. The project concerns the conversion of existing spaces into modern office spaces in order to serve the needs and goals that have been set in full response to the new conditions that have been created due to the current pandemic. The new office spaces are developed in three separate buildings with a total area of ​​3,500 sq.m., which are integrated into the outdoor space offering an innovative environment where partners can work, learn, grow and connect. The new offices have collaborative spaces, a cafeteria, a library and training rooms that follow COVID-19 protocols and precautions. Employees and their families have access to socializing sites, computers and wellness areas, allowing the Group to be a member of the local community. The design and construction of the new offices follows standards for the provision and enhancement of employee experience, while ensuring that the individual is at the center. The new global digital community is dedicated to the interaction and listening of all the people on the team and especially our partners on the front line.