Project Location:
3, Chouri Str., Maroussi
Construction Period:
February - July 2022
white arch - fani partheniou
Trade Estates

The new offices of Trade Estates are located on the 7th floor of an office building in Maroussi, which were radically reconstructed, acquiring a modern, unified architectural character. The new offices, with an area of 494 sq.m., convey a modern atmosphere, always taking into account new perspectives on the way of working, offering employees comfort and a sense of individuality in an environment where collaboration is favored. The aim of the project is for the offices to be a design and aesthetic innovation in the workplace. The axis of the design became the dynamism and identity that govern the company, which were expressed by an abstract and modern architectural style. Particular emphasis was placed on the selection and bold combination of furniture, lighting and other decorative elements, so that the diverse dialogue between the materials contributes to the uniqueness of the space. As a result, a functional office space is created that combines modern work methods with the evolving needs of the company.