Workspaces in Thessaloniki

Project Location:
Pylaia, Thessaloniki
Construction Period:
January - April 2022
Office25 Architects

The company’s offices are located in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, on the ground floor of an existing building and consist of two areas, with a total area of approximately 1000 sq.m. This project concerns new internal configurations of the mentioned departments. The purpose and technical object of the architectural study is the complete reconstruction of the above spaces and the new configuration of unified open workspaces, closed spaces for housing the company’s administrative departments, meeting rooms as well as a rest and recreation area. The new configuration of internal views and floor plans and the creation of an integrated synthetic and aesthetic result in the directions and functions of the spaces, for the employees and visitors of the building, is a key component of the design. The construction works mainly concern the internal arrangements, and the formation of internal views, without any intervention in the static structure of the building and with an expansion of an existing opening in the building shell for fire safety reasons. The spaces are divided into two functional sections, the cafeteria area, and the work area. Briefly, the main entrance leads to the open office spaces and there is a corridor around the perimeter of the building, on the outer side of which are the open office spaces, on the inner side, the closed spaces and most of the meeting rooms. The cafeteria is placed on the front side of the building while the back part is used as an auxiliary space.