Fashion City Outlet Food Court

Project Location:
Fashion City Outlet, Larissa
Construction Period:
November 2018
Deda & Architects - Sonae Sierra Architectural Dept
Larissa Shopping Center SA

Τhe general concept design of Food Court was based on the general concept design of the Fashion City Outlet, which was implemented from Design & Architectural Department of Sonae Sierra. Upon being entrusted with this refurbishment project, Deda & Architects were confronted with the significant change of function and character in the totality ofthe Mall, which will now operate as an open-air Shopping Center. The proposal for the renovation of the FCO Food Court is based on the idea of an open-air and also urban space. Incorporated many elements already present in the rest of the shopping center, and further accentuate the feeling of openness and liveliness with extensive use of greenery and materials that give an overall informal/industrial look and feel.