Ikos Olivia – Heroes Crèche

Project Location:
Ikos Olivia Resort, Chalkidiki
Construction Period:
January - April 2023
Nimand Architects
Ikos Resorts

Nestled in the idyllic resort of Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki, Heroes Crèche is a enchanting haven for the youngest visitors, aged 4 months to 3 years, showcasing Ikos’ commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for families. Heroes Crèche features specially designed facilities that adhere to the strict standards set by the UK Ofsted. It is the creation of an environment that nurtures creativity, safety, and the joy of exploration. The combination of vibrant colors and child-friendly spaces ensures that every corner of the Nursery is a canvas for imagination. Equally important is the unwavering dedication to the safety and quality care of children. The Crèche is staffed with trained and experienced childcare professionals who understand the unique needs of the youngest guests at Ikos Olivia. Current safety protocols guarantee parents’ peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy their stay while their little ones are in the capable hands of our caregiving staff. At Heroes Crèche, they recognize that each child is a hero in their own right. Both indoor and outdoor spaces are equipped with age-appropriate toys and activities that stimulate learning, creativity, and social interaction. From educational games to arts and crafts, sensory play to dance, every moment is an opportunity for the child to flourish. Immerse your child in the Heroes Crèche experience at Ikos Olivia – a creation dedicated to cultivating joy, learning, and cherished memories for the youngest members of the Ikos family.