Project Location:
Sani, Chalkidiki
Construction Period:
November 2018 - March 2019
Nimand Architects

In November 2018, CORE expanded its cooperation with the SANI/IKOS Group, undertake to renovate the hotel complex SANI RESORT. The work involved building the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center facilities under the auspices of the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. Facilities include 8 ground tennis courts and all auxiliary areas. Three new swimming pools were built to serve hotel guests, an adult, a children’s as well as a leisure water park and activities for the young guests of the hotel. At the same time, a series of mock-up rooms and suites-precursors of the future renovation of the hotel’s accommodations were built. This new renovation of SANI RESORT created new office space and was renovated to meet the needs of the administrative services within the hotel’s main hotel. At the same time, the surrounding area of ​​the new facilities was recreated, creating the necessary conditions for the optimum satisfaction of the visitors. Numerous interventions in areas of the complex took place for the upgrading of the electro-mechanical installations, the creation of a drainage network for rain water, the development of new asphalt roads where required, as well as a series of architectural interventions for the renovation of the tomato restaurant, the creation of two yoga gardens and the creation of two escape staircases and a footbridge in the hotel’s premises.