ALE Mediterranean Cosmos

Project Location:
Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki
Construction Period:
March 2016
SKdesign - Sofia Pavlou
AXF Group

In March 2016, the construction of the new ALE store located in the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center in Thessaloniki was completed. The ALE brand is a eponymous member of the AXF group. Founded in 2010, ALE proposes a minimal chic approach in the field of women’s clothing. With the motto “non usual casual” ALE imposes the aesthetics of well-dressed, relaxed, smart style. The store develops on a total surface area of ​​120 sq.m. Scope of assignment included the substantial rearrangement of the store’s layout through a series of architectural and electromechanical interventions, in parallel with the application of new coatings and paintings, following the common corporate architecture that ALE has chosen for its stores as it has been inspired and performed by the design company SKdesign.