Project Location:
231, El. Venizelou Ave., Kallithea, Attiki
Construction Period:
October – December 2021
a-team architecture+design, Karvounis Georgios

A key requirement in the complete reconstruction of the existing DEI customer service store in Kallithea was the performance of the new corporate identity of the company and the look & feel of all materials, in the architectural design. The style is fresh and clean paying great attention to detail. The design exudes austerity emphasizing the concept of energy in different ways. With a combination of materials that inspire and give the space a modern and clean atmosphere, DEI in its new store welcomes customers with a person who inspires security and prestige. The facade of the store gives character and works so that it becomes immediately recognizable by passers-by. The new corporate identity unfolds externally and together with the new logo they create a distinct facade, which adapts to the building in which the store is housed without interfering with its architecture. The lightning element of the new corporate identity, is a key inspiration, becomes an architectural element and spreads inside the store, to form points of interest, giving specific spaces to visitors and employees. At the same time, new colors are integrated in furniture and decorative elements and emphasize details, giving a personal character. This creates all the specifications for a welcoming environment, with obvious and distinct branding that exudes fresh air and optimistic mood. Applying the basic principles of Customer Journey as designed to serve customers in DEI stores, maintains the coherence of the customer experience, facilitating its navigation in the store according to its needs while enhancing the promotion of products, services and of the solutions offered by the company. The waiting areas are separated and placed on the entire surface of the store, avoiding overcrowding ensuring the proximity of the visitor to his point of interest. An important part of the furniture such as benches with bright details in the colors of the new corporate identity, modern dividers are placed in various places to shape the spaces or to invest surfaces, completing the image of the store. Concealed lighting, special lights, and luminaire constructions throughout the ceiling area, illuminate the store. The new DEI store in Kallithea was designed and built based on three service zones according to the needs and requests of customers distinguished from each other that aim to maximize the user experience of visitors. The new DEI pilot store clearly reflects the new customer-centric philosophy of the company and its course in the future.