Project Location:
4th km of Old National Road Of Larissa - Athens
Construction Period:
June - November 2018
Larissa Shopping Center SA

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, Thessaly welcomed Fashion City Outlet, the first discount and entertainment center in the area.
The complex consists of sixteen (16) ground-floor buildings, totaling 21.000 sq.m. The renovation includes interventions that are in
harmony with the existing building and the aesthetics of the area, while introducing a sense of innovation. The exterior facades of
the buildings were covered with corrugated sheet metal sheets with inserts for the advertising of elements of the various brands
that the Mall will host in the future, while perforated aluminum panels and graphic of digital printing design were placed on the
inside. Quartz floors were created with references to various cities in the world, and waterproofing and antislippage were some of
the most crucial works of the project. New floors and metallic shelters adorn now the central entrance and Mall’s outdoor square,
which is redeveloped aiming in her aesthetic and functional upgrading. In addition, CORE undertook the construction of the stores
within the commercial store for Volta Fun Town, Haralas – Kalogirou, The Men, Replay – Brooks Brothers, Attrattivo, and Hot Pot.