Project Location:
Mall of Sofia, Sofia
Construction Period:
February - March 2013
Planning (BG), Kostis Perifanakis
Hennes & Mauritz SA

The Swedish H&M Company has started its commercial activities in Bulgaria in 2012, with almost concurrent presence in the major cities of the country. In 2013, while expanding their development in the country, our company was assigned with the construction of two shops in one of the mains shopping centers of Sofia. We constructed at the same time a two-storey shop women’s and men’s clothing as well as a smaller children’s clothing. The construction lasted 50 days and included reinforcements of the building and a new fire protected metal staircase and elevator. The original design of the stores was made by the Swedish design department of the company, the application study and the authorizations of the company Bates and the supervision by the architect Konstantinos Perifanaki and the mechanical firm Horos.