Project Location:
Designer Outlet Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
Construction Period:
January - March 2021
Nike Architectural Team, Forma Studio Architectury

In March 2021, the construction of a new NIKE store in the Designer Outlet Warszawa discount shopping center in Warsaw was completed. The new NFS (NIKE Factory Store) occupies an area of 820 sq.m., on a level where the main and auxiliary functions of the store are completely hosted. The new NFS is fully in line with the strict environmental standards adopted by NIKE for its stores in Europe both for their operation and for their construction. Thus, the construction of the new store followed the LEED standard with the ultimate goal of reducing the ecological and energy footprint and creating a healthy and safe indoor environment. As well as the strengthening of the corporate image and environmental policy, proof of the commitment for proper environmental management and sustainable development of the company at all levels of its activities. NFS follows the new concept design as designed and developed by the architectural department of NIKE while responsible for the adaptation of the plans of the new store is the architectural team of the Polish company Forma Studio Architectury.