Project Location:
Fashion City Outlet, Larissa
Construction Period:
October - November 2018
FASHION BOX's Architectural Dept

Fashion Box SpA group of companies was founded in 1981 and today is one of the leading companies internationally, in the field of denim and smart casual clothing. Based in Asolo town in Treviso, Italy, a region that is famous worldwide for its creativity, the company manufactures, markets and distributes men’s, women’s and children’s casual clothing, accessories and footwear. The main aim of the company has been and still remains, for more than 30 years, to create products that stand out for their innovative style, their characteristic Italian design and superior quality. Denim, to the manufacture of which the company is specialized, having almost become its synonym, consists an additional element of uniqueness and superiority of the brand. Experience and high expertise, in combination with extensive research for even more sophisticated techniques, is the intrinsic value of the Group’s products, which, as natural, significatly invests in stylistic and technological research of materials. Indeed, throughout its course, the Group invests with great dedication to the fields of research and creative design, constantly incorporating new technologies into the production processes. The Group’s people closely monitor every stage of the production process –from the designing of the collections to the selection and processing methods of raw materials– while a network of specialized laboratories undertake the sewing and final finishing of the garments. Today, Fashion Box products are found in all European markets, the Middle East, Asia, America and Africa, in more than 50 countries. The wholesale network has 5,000 sales outlets, approximately 220 mono-brand stores and more than 190 corners and shops-in-shop. All outlets stand out for their innovative design and express the authenticity of Replay products, in a striking and original environment. Fashion Box Greece, a subsidiary of Fashion Box Group, was founded in 1995, in order to promote and distribute REPLAY products in Greece. With over thirty years of successful presence in the field of ​​Greek casual clothing, Fashion Box Greece has managed to establish itself even outside Greek borders, in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The company’s distribution network includes 33 sale outlets, as well as partnerships with authorized dealers. Activating in the import, export and promotion of clothing, footwear and related accessories under the brands: Replay, Replay & Sons, We Are Replay and Replay Footwear, Fashion Box Greece has a presence both in retail and wholesale, ensuring in this way the broad distribution of the respective products to the selected markets.