Project Location:
Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki
Construction Period:
March - April 2018
Toi&moi’s Architectural Dept
Toi&moi SA

In the mall of Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki, the renovation of Toi&moi took place in March-April 2018. The architectural composition, the space layout and the materials were based on a review of the design approach as it appeared in the flagship store on Agias Sofia’s pedestrian street in Thessaloniki. The unified store’s floor plan consisting of the new layout of the cashier and the equipment aims to utilize the full potential and capacity to oversee the space of the store. The use of materials as steel and glass in the fitting rooms’ space is a feature that stands out, whereas the double curved window frame spotlights the entrance. These particular architectural and aesthetic additions indicate a coherent design that will be implemented on every new Toi&moi store.