Project Location:
68, Stratigou Timagia Str., Larnaca, Cyprus
Construction Period:
July - September 2020
Marios Pelekanos
Zorbas & Sons

A. Zorbas and sons started operating in 1975 in the village of Athienou, of Larnaca city, as a small family bakery.Today, the small bakery of Athienou, has been transformed into one of the largest group of companies in Cyprus but it is still driven by the human approach and the same values, which it has honoured since its beginning. The new store, which bears no resemblance to the previous store housed in the same space, follows a new design as designed and commissioned by architect Marios Pelekanos. The object of the works concerned the demolition of an existing building and the construction and configuration of a new building with the primary goal of quality and attention to detail.