Project Location:
Municipality of Oreokastro, Thessaloniki
Construction Period:
September 2012 – April 2013
Str. Vergopoulos
Konstantinidis Bros

The Replan Company, after a long experience in elaboration, management and recycling of metal wastes, is expanding its activity by constructing a new modern industrial unit of vehicle recycling. The project refers to the construction of a new metal building of 1,000 sq.m where will be located the headquarters of the company as well as the industrial area of decontamination of vehicles. The configuration of landscape (field of 6,700 sq.m) will be based on the actual standards for environmental preservation, including the drainage system of rainwater and oil separators, as well as the necessary infrastructure for the function of heavy transferring vehicles of wastes and heavy equipment of separation, compression and storage of vehicles. The project time schedule is estimated at 9 months.