Athanasios K. Spanomaridis

- Architect. A.A Dipl (Hons) RIVA, Hons Grad Dipl. A.A. Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering. University of Patras

I have known many of the CORE Construction executives for many years in our highly successful collaboration on projects with high construction requirements.
At this time, our cooperation is focused on the construction of a house in Hydra with the restoration of an existing part of it. The project presents several peculiarities and challenges, not only in terms of understanding the design and sensitivity to its implementation, but also to the objective difficulties encountered during construction in protected traditional settlements such as Hydra. The company has met, and continues to respond to, these challenges with great success.
As for the execution of the project, my comments are absolutely positive. The quality of construction work often goes beyond the formal obligations of the contract and my expectations of quality, which is not negotiable for me. I must emphasize that there is a harmonious collaboration with the engineers and executives of the company, which is characterized by a high quality of service always within the prescribed time limits.
During our partnership, CORE Construction has shown excellent professionalism in dealing with the work it undertakes with knowledge and responsibility. Continuous updating of the construction process and excellent communication with the designer and client, proper project planning, support in electromechanical and static issues as well as planning licenses make the company highly reliable and I recommend it without any reservations.