Dimitrios Papoulis


With my capacity as CEO of Sofia South Ring Mall EOD, I am happy to provide a general letter of recommendation for CORE CONSTRUCTION SA.
Core Construction has been an important contractor for Sofia Ring Mall from buildup construction period, conducting a series of tenant cold shell projects, up until today, performing a wide range of projects from big scale retail cold shell construction, to special indoor and outdoor common area projects, to smaller scale and general maintenance contracts.
In several occasions, Core Construction has also acted as a valuable advisor during the inception and planning process of a number of re-commercialization projects including the transformation of retail spaces to entertainment and vice versa, providing valuable contribution in pre-costing and cost optimization, value engineering and minimization of business interruption.
Apart from top quality, on time and cost-effective projects, Core Construction provides world class after-sale support. Whenever requested, is making it self-available, even on call basis, with 24/7 service in any given extraordinary situation.
I highly recommend Core Construction for performing on time and on budget at all times, and for bringing knowledge, integrity, competitiveness, experience, and a proven track record of successful deliverance.