Ronald Yazbek

Ronald Yazbek

Academias Hotel – Autograph Collection - Chairman YHE IKE

Due to the construction of our new five stars hotel “Academias Hotel – Autograph Collection” in the center of Athens we collaborated with CORE CONSTRUCTION for the first time, selecting it (initially) on the basis of its offered value and the contacts we had with engineers and executives of the company during which it was found an integrated understanding of the project and the experience of its workforce.

The timely implementation of this project has enabled us to verify our initial impressions of CORE CONSTRUCTION’s lifelong potential, and to discover additional virtues that have proved critical to successful completion. Of great importance was the ability to seamlessly collaborate and coordinate with all the engineers who were assigned to design and supervise the project. The undertaking of the project by CORE CONSTRUCTION, from the first stage of preparation to its final implementation and delivery, was characterized by, methodic and meticulous organization; inventiveness and uninterrupted communication with our company.

Based on the above, we strongly recommend CORE CONSTRUCTION.