Vasilis Antoniadis


The first time we worked with CORE CONSTRUCTION Company was during the period of January to March 2015, when we fully renovated our company premises.
We believe that this project had specific technical challenges as the offices are entirely housed within a neoclassical listed building, dated since 1915, in one of the main streets of the city. Furthermore, the design was characterized by the innovative solutions, the diligence in the space’s acoustics and in the functional lighting.
Throughout the duration of the project and the issues that emerged in practice, we gained a complete picture of the technical and managerial skills of the engineers who undertook the renovation of our premises, fully respecting the contractual framework, which was mutually agreed. The work was performed with the required sensitivity within the shell of the listed building. The electromechanical infrastructure was reinforced and upgraded, considering the functional autonomy of the offices in the historical value of the space. The management of special architectural and insulation materials respected the protected surfaces and highlighted their decorative elements.
The team of engineers proved in practice their professionalism and vocational training in this particular building project, working impeccably with a complex design team. The time schedule was clear and notified to all persons involved, coordinating the selection of materials and the decision-making on critical issues, within the given timeframes.
Therefore, we highly recommend CORE CONSTRUCTION, given their devotion in fulfilling the specific needs of the project.