Yannis Zachariadis

- Architect

My knowledge of CORE CONSTRUCTION goes back many years, is divided into two periods and is characterized by two different relationships. One corporate, the latest, and the other personal, older but just as important, which still holds true. This second one has been going on since working with various offices or companies involved in manufacturing, I had the opportunity and the chance to work with some of the people who currently work for CORE CONSTRUCTION. And I must admit from the outset, recalling in my memory for the sake of this letter this past season I can remember that many of them even then stood out with the positive characteristics that distinguish the company in which they now work. This is important because it will say that CORE CONSTRUCTION is not just a partnership, but an organization composed of engineers and technical staff who share common characteristics and goals in a conversational taste. This passion, a key component of CORE CONSTRUCTION’s corporate identity, may be the only antidote to the otherwise poisoned by the rigidity of the financial mathematics that is plaguing us today and, hence manufacturing activity.
Of course, in both cases, whether personal or corporate, my relationship has been and is that of the Scholar with those who are studying the content of his designs, and here the word love is just a millennial word and becomes substance. Because of all the goodness of this organization, the know-how, the hard work, the consistency, the ability to cover any scale project wherever it is, one thing stands out: the people of CORE CONSTRUCTION know how to read designs! One would say, “And what about engineers and technical staff, how can they not read drawings?” That’s true, but what I’m referring to is something other than just reading and obeying the lines and numbers on the paper. On the one hand, the experience of reading behind the drawings and understanding the intention of the designer is particularly useful as it guides all decisions large or small during construction. On the other hand, and no less important, is the ability to understand the client’s distress that they see as an essential component of project construction.
For this ability of CORE CONSTRUCTION, to take care of the spirit of the Study and the agony of the Client without altering one another, I highly recommend it without hesitation but confident of its ability to transform construction into creation.